About Me

My name is Vivian Wong and I am a senior at Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in Computer Science.

When I'm not busy with school, you can usually catch me planning vacations, binge-watching TV shows, or eating good food with friends.


Goals and Ambition

I've been learning and connecting with my identity for the past couple of years. I've been enjoying listening and sharing personal experiences in online and real life community groups. My goal is to life fully in my identity and understand others as an Asian American, a woman of color in America, a woman of color in tech, etc.

Growing up, technology seemed magical to me. I didn't have a mentor or someone who's gone through similar life experiences that looked like me. So I want to be that mentor for young women of color in the tech industry.

Life Goal: Advocating for social justice as my full-time job as product manager by finding a work environment where I can be my authentic self around supportive mentors.


In Progress

Looking for a full-time product management position

Revamping YSEA.org website
    Volunteering to convert alumni organization Yale Science and Engineering Association Inc. website to iModules platform

Whenever I look around, I always learn one thing, and that is: Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself.
— Bruce Lee