The Beginning


The feeling I get after I spend a thorough time reflecting and writing down my complete thoughts is most similar to the feeling you get after a juice detox...

If you've never done a detox, you are left feeling like someone scrubbed your insides clean with a bunch of coarse kale they grabbed from the Whole Foods fresh produce section. Your digestive system feels more receptive and pure.

My mind feels the same way after I write out my thoughts. I usually feel more articulate and certain about the topic I write about-- it gives me clarity.

I created this section of my website with the purpose of "thinking out loud" to visitors of my site, whether it is a recruiter or a friend. I don't intend to write for a large audience (yet) since I feel like I have so much growing to do. Currently, I'm a virtual fly on's wall and I'm soaking in everyone else's thoughts. I can see myself writing and sharing on their platform in a couple years after I grow comfortable enough. This section will basically serve as an accountability tool for me to reflect on what topics I'm thinking about.

- October 14, 2017